Thursday, September 4, 2014

thanking steven and thinking about what he said...

it was the coolest experience all the way around.
i just plopped myself down yesterday and asked a question here that was on my mind.

why not just ask? maybe someone 'out there' knows.

the question was -

does anyone have any ideas on getting beliefs to go from the head to the heart?

and steven came thru with an answer.

(and just to be clear, at this point no one else has. altho the beautiful diane
is poppin' it in her prayers, which always means a ton to me.
so if after this posting someone else comes thru with another great
insight, i'm not ignoring you. i just haven't seen you yet!)

i don't know steven. as far as i know, we've never interacted.
and there he was with this delicious answer.

i'm not sure. is it okay to post it right here?
haven't asked him. so maybe i'll just point you to the comments on the blog below.
seems like the same thing, but maybe that's more delicate?

go check that out. then you'll know what i'm talkin' about.

i was out runnin' around doin' some things.
and i was early for my next stop.
so i sat in the parking lot checking email.
and i saw his response.
i read it three times.

i couldn't believe it.
how could i ask a question i had no idea of the answer,
and some stranger just come and hand it to me?
it was awesome.

the gist?

my heart already knows.

and that i believe.

i believe in my heart big time.
but yes, i don't interact with it like i should a whole lotta the times.

i started up the car thinking about this and found myself driving
with my hand over my heart just saying 'my heart already knows.'

it felt like a huge reminder to just trust myself
and to stop and listen to myself
and to put all the fear, control, desires, whatever gets in the way down-
and just listen, darn it!

it's right there inside you.
and the reason you don't think you 'have' it, terri, is because you won't
stop long enough to really allow it to come forth and show you.

that's what i got out of it.

just quiet yourself and allow.
trust yourself fully.
stop running.
drop the fear.
all fear.
just be.
and listen.
you have the most trusted place ever right inside you.
you carry it with you everywhere you go.

those kinda things ran thru my head last nite....
and are still hangin' around this morning.

all from the most beautiful reminder from a total stranger.

how cool is that?!

thank you, steven.
i'm toasting you and my heart today!


Diane in AR said...

I really liked Steven's reply and I'm glad I gave myself overnight to really pray and think about your question. . .and the truth is, you got it - thanks to Steven's post - your heart already knows - you just had it a little whopsided. . .it's your head that needs to learn to hold onto those beliefs it gets from the heart. . .a simple enough mistake - but one so easily fixed. . .you and your head (and all of us too) need to listen to our hearts. . .the truths, the beliefs are there already - believe them, feel them, live them.

terri st. cloud said...

kinda cool, huh?! thank you, woman!

Steven Varner said...

Hi Teri,Thanks for the lift up, also to Diane in AR that is smart to take questions to bed.
I am glad U2 saw the answer from my head.
I don't even know how to tell U Thanks back.
I guess I will from the heart not heart attack.
I only told U what I know is an obsolute true.
The answers came from the truth I knew.
It makes me happy to help any day.
Its a gift that gives back, if someone reads a heartfilled way.
So thanks for the gift U gave me I see,
It was the chance to help U as U did me.
I came to your blog from someone else too,
They said I should answer U in true.
I have been asking many to give me a question,
A hard one to really test a God given lesson.
I found I finally got my answer from the teacher,
I got my wish to be a different kinda preacher.
One not false as seems all that I come along.
My wish was for answers that came in a song.
I wasn't expecting all these years that I did wait.
Also all the extras God layed on my plate.
So much to eat, too much for the fastupidman,
that's now my calling name in which I stand.
It is the title of my new God given Job I love.
Given to me as an answer like yours from above.
Hard to explain in so few little words that way,
So I am on a new path that led to U that day.
My blessing to U was also God's to me thru U2.

anyone who needs an answer just send the words....I will say what I see is true I believe may be for U.


terri st. cloud said...

steve, this totally made me smile! thank you so much!

Diane in AR said...

Steven - loved the song/poem - appreciate you very much!!

heart-felt thanks. . .