Tuesday, October 21, 2014

a morning walk!

i went for a morning walk today!
it's been some time since i did that.
but there are some mornings it just can't be helped.
and i hope to be adding more of those mornings to my life.
i've missed the walks so much.

i joked with a sweet young guy waiting for his school bus,
and laughed when a couple walked by me and the man stopped,
looked at me and exclaimed 'where you been?!'

passing them again later, we stopped and chatted for a few minutes.

look at that.
i have a neighborhood.
and i was even missed.

i stopped awhile ago as it wasn't feeling safe.
this morning tho, it felt like my neighborhood.
and it felt wonderful.

i watched the sky go from dark to day break.
just like it used to.
it hasn't changed.
altho, it changes every single day.
i love that.

i thought of the advice from my tree this weekend (see blog post below)
the 'claim your presence' part of the advice.
that's what it felt like.
like i was claiming that.

and it really felt good.

walking briskly in the chilly air, face upturned to the sky,
i claimed my presence.

now. i just gotta keep doin' that.
over and over again.
until i stop letting it slip from my hands.

maybe the walks, whenever i take them, will be reminders now.
maybe we can all find our reminder spots and use them to keep claiming our presence.
over and over again. til we get the hang of this advice from a tree!

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