Wednesday, October 22, 2014

their kindness lives on

two men i knew briefly many years ago both passed away recently.

they were as different as night and day.
one was rich.
one spent his life living on a shoe string.

one was humble.
one not so much.

one was well educated.
one not so much.

but both had kindness in them.
and i witnessed that kindness first hand.

last nite, i was workin' on a creative project and thinking.
and i got to thinking about these two guys.
and of course, because no matter what,
death always seems to bring me back to the same question -
'what's it all about, terri?'

i thought about what i knew about these guys.
and what of that did i care about?
what made a difference to me?
what was left of them in me now?

and hands down, it was their kindnesses.

i got kindness matters.
and lives on.

but this time i got one step further....and i liked it -

what makes you kind?
what gives you the ability to be kind?
what keeps you open enough to be kind?
what keeps you thoughtful enough to be kind?

it has to be all about not hardening your heart, doesn't it?
the more open your heart is, the more kind you are?
i'm thinking so.
because what stops you from being kind?
harsh thoughts.
self centeredness.
all that stuff.

so,yeah, kindness matters.

but kindness is a byproduct of keeping your heart open and soft.

and THAT is no easy task in every day living.

i still don't know what it's all about.
guess i won't ever.
but this does make me see what i want to strive for -
and it does make me see the things i want to avoid.

and that in itself is helpful to me.

their kindness lives on.
that is such an awesome beautiful thing, isn't it?

definitely something to keep in mind......


Sherry said...

Thanks for your post, Terri

diane in ar said...

I really like today's blog...what an awesome legacy for them to have left...and to have left with you. I too wonder about sometimes I notice an opportunity to be kind and wonder why everyone around isn't jumping to do that little act of kindness for another...I pray that there is soon a kindness epidemic...till then, we do our acts of kindness one time, then another and another...