Thursday, October 23, 2014

this day's for me

i'm thinking maybe there's something to be said for having the world
rotate around you.

that maybe there's times that's a really good idea.

i took another walk this morning!
and i felt like the morning was putting on a show just for me.
when i walked by the magnificent magnolia tree around the corner,
i looked up at it with such admiration.
and there i spotted it!
way up high.
one single flower.

it's way past time for their flowers, ya know?
but there was one.

and i stopped and just looked up at it and just soaked it in.
i knew it was for me.

every time i looked out the window, i knew my yard was offering its
colors to me. when i drove down the road, it was such a beautiful fall day,
i knew it was here for me.

and i felt like i kept getting handed the most amazing gifts.
and i truly truly felt what a glory it was to be alive.

yeah, i know.
the world doesn't REALLY rotate around me.
but it made me feel so good today to just pretend.

my mood has been great all day.
and i think this whole attitude has been a big part of that.

today is mine.
for me.
and i'm claiming it.
and loving it!

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