Wednesday, October 8, 2014

a new tehcnique...

i had an encounter recently with a woman who treated me in a way i have
never ever experienced before.

it wasn't good.
it pretty much sucked.

but the beautiful thing was that i was removed enough from her not to be affected
or to have my feelings hurt. so i could look at it and try to figure it out. try to
see what on earth was going on.

but i was still stuck.
i couldn't figure it out.

and then i decided to write about her.
and to do that, i had to look closely at her.
and in doing that, i felt so much compassion.
i could see how some of her unhealed wounds were pulling her under
in a way that affected her whole life.

the more i wrote, the more compassion i felt.

i've always believed that if we understand something or someone that's hurt us/
'wrong us'/or done something that feels weird, we'd find compassion. but sometimes
i couldn't figure the stuff out. just too darn confusing.

this was such a great opportunity as the feeling of being 'removed' made it a lot easier.
the writing about her was a new technique that really worked well.
how could i write from the heart without trying to see hers?

who knew?

and the thing is, i don't think we have to be 'writers' to do this.
i think anyone can do this.
and i'm thinking it could really make a difference.

thought it'd be fun to toss out here!


margy said...

"i keep trying to hold life with a reverence and know that it's only
for a short time that i get to explore."
Today's message & bone sigh go along with your above message from yesterday - life itself is all about reverence and that compassion piece brings that reverence out. It's so easy to accept that anger at the world and life and other people and happenings - and somewhere in each part is that compassion to find that stops the waste of the angry moments. Again, I'm not sure if my thoughts got to this outlet understood by anyone, but I hope I can remember to go beyond the anger next time to see the compassion. Thanks again Terri for being you.

terri st. cloud said...

understood and appreciated. thanks, margy! and we keep workin' on it....

Diane in AR said...

I agree with Margy. . .and I hope to remember to get beyond anger into compassion - thanks ladies.