Monday, October 6, 2014

a reminder

got a call recently from a customer who was reading 'the fabric of her dancing shoes.'
she really liked the whole inner child stuff that's in the book.

when she told me of this, i could totally hear it in her voice.
there was a part of her inside that was ready to be noticed and worked with -
and loved.

i know that not everyone is into the concept.
i realize that and respect that.
it's not for everyone.

but for a whole lot of us, it's incredibly important.

i really do believe our small child selves live in so many of us.

even with my knowing that, i put it aside way too often and forget about it.
and sometimes when i'm out of sorts, you'd think by now i'd check in and see
if that part of me is okay. but nope. i still forget all the time.

i've been thinking of this woman ever since we talked.
i've been remembering her voice and how it sounded when she said
she knew she had an inner child. her voice was so full of the feeling that
'now is the time, i cannot wait any longer. i must connect with her.'

i wanted to put a reminder out today.
because it's all too easy to forget that part of us.

if you haven't ever explored to find out if you feel like you have an
inner child, i wanted to nudge you to check into it.
i had never even heard of it years and years ago when several different
people mentioned it to me.
never even thought about it.
and then i wonder how i honestly couldn't have known!

and if you do think you have one, when was the last time you checked
into that part of you to see how you were feeling? when was the last time
you checked in with that part of you to offer your love and caring?

seemed like an important thing to offer today.


Diane in AR said...

you were the first one I heard about inner child from - it's been such a help. . .I like her, she's me. . .she's known me forever, she's been where I've been. . .and until I read your book and your blogs, I didn't even know she was right there inside/beside me. . .thanks ter

terri st. cloud said...

diane, that is SO darn cool!