Friday, October 31, 2014

still laughing and picturing his face......

i laughed so hard i had trouble breathing.
he called to tell me the story of the deer running into his car.

no. no. no.
it's not one of those highway stories where you hit the deer
and the deer dies and you almost die and the car is clobbered.

not like that at all.
i honestly wouldn't have laughed over that.

it's the barely moving, truly - BARELY moving  car -
and a deer that looks at you and then rams into your car stories.

only the car is a mini-cooper,
the driver is a stretchy tall son who makes great neck movements
and whose eyes can go really big.
and the deer really must've been having one of those out of control mating season moments. really was ripe for some good laughter.

when he told me the story, i was on the phone.
i asked him where he was and all that.
i wanted to get the exact picture in my mind.

but ya see......i had it all wrong.
for some reason, i had the deer coming at him on the passenger side.

but it was today that i found out it was the driver's side.

the driver's side WINDOW.

i can't type this and not laugh.


you can imagine how hard i laughed when i thought it was the passenger side
and he said 'i'm so glad i had my window rolled up.'

oh man.
that hit a funny bone.
still does.

but now you can imagine how much harder i laughed when i found out
later it was HIS window side that the deer just ran himself into.
(his horn apparently knocked the side mirror all around!!)
(great squeals of laughter here)

i think maybe it's cause i have three sons.
and maybe it's cause the whole male way seems to run thru all animals -  including the
men i know - and i could just imagine the deer showing his dominance over the mini-cooper.
maybe that's why this cracked me up so much.

but the thing is - i laughed and laughed and laughed.
and am still laughing.

and when that happens i remember how much i need laughter,
how much i love laughter and how vital it is to my life.

THAT is the point of this blog.
i forget how much it matters.
i really do.

headin' into a weekend seemed like a good day to remind us all.....
laugh all you can.
it makes a difference!

and, by all means, watch out for the deer this time of year!!!


Diane in AR said...

So glad Noah (and the buck) (and the car) were all okay when the dust settled. . .love laughing with you. . .

margy said...

nothing better than a really, really good laugh listening to an adult child's story!!!