Thursday, October 30, 2014

celebrating the colors

this has been by far the most beautiful fall i can remember.

i thought it was a yellow fall.
and wondered about that.
everything's been really yellow.
i keep commenting on that.
it's made an impression.
i don't remember ever seeing THIS much yellow.
and while i've missed the reds,
the yellows are glorious - and it's been stunning.

and then today, as i was driving, i noticed all the reds startin' up!

'oh wow! look at that!' i said out loud to myself in the car.

i don't remember.
maybe it does this every year.
but i don't think so.
i think we have had one particularly glorious fall here.
and now one color is sliding out and letting another color in.

it's been what i'd call a perfect fall.

and i'm so thankful for it.

seems it's also been a time for wrestling matches inside of myself.
seems if i'm not wrestling with one thing, i'm wrestling with another.
i haven't found my usual solace in my usual spots lately.
life sorta got just a bit outta kilter.
not a ton outta kilter.
but enough to make me a little nuts.
sometimes a little cranky.

except for the fall.

it keeps bringing me back over and over again to the wonder of living.

i remember several times during my life where  i was so sad i never saw the fall.
the days were gray and blurry. heavy.

that's how come i know that life is only a little outta kilter now.
and i know darn well i'm nowhere near that.
and i can still see the fall.
and revel in it.
and let it save me.

i can let it pull me back over and over again to the beauty of living.

celebrating the coming of the reds today.
and toasting the yellows for bursting forth and singing to me.

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Diane in AR said...

I love the colors of fall too - even the years when it is mostly brown. . .but every year something about those autumn colors reawakens me. . .I love the leaves tossing and dancing on the breezes. . .they stir me. . .and maybe, as I grow older I realize I've lived more than half my life (120+ seems unreasonably far off). . .and so each fall is more a jeweled treasure. . .(in other words, I totally agree with you!) :)