Wednesday, October 29, 2014

seasons changing inside and out.....

i had a small window of time,
so i ran outside to take care of the yard a little.
it's outta control -
but wonderfully enough,
that's not bothering me.
i know i'll grab bits here and there.
and it will all be what it will be.
it's a marvelous feeling.
so different than the way i used to be about things.
somehow knowing i have it under control at my own pace.

and so i grabbed one of those bits
and i picked a patch of grass and mowed liked the wind
and then cut down some of the front garden.

all the while the sky was gray,
the wind was blowing,
and the rain was making its way in.
not here yet,
but close by.
there was a briskness to it all -
an aliveness.

as i trimmed down some of the plants in the garden,
i thought of the change of season.

i love those.
i think all of them.
each one.

but this i trimmed........
and thought about it......
well, i realized i felt like a change of season was going on inside of me too.

i could feel some of the same stuff goin' on.

all the things needing tending at once and that outta control feeling.
things needing to get cleared out and straightened up.
wanting to hunker down for winter and get ready to hibernate.

all kindsa things.

i felt so much like the day seemed to feel.

gray, with the wind blowing inside and the rain making its way -
not here yet. just on the outskirts of my mind.
but none of that in any bad way.
more in a dramatic alive kinda way.
a living fully and feeling fully kinda way.
a briskness.

and that same kinda knowing that i'll have things under control at my own pace.
and that it will be what it is.
and that was a wonderful thing.

i headed back inside, back to work with a smile on my face.

i do love the change of seasons.
inside and out.

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diane in ar said...

Like you, I look at the seasons as new beginnings for the world around me and the world inside me. I love the way you wrote about it here. . .thank you!!