Friday, November 28, 2014

a light filled morning

there was a moment yesterday,
sitting at the table, fire going, looking out at the woods that surrounded my son's house -
feeling like i was in the coziest of woodsy cabins -
i was overwhelmed with all there was to feel grateful for.

and then later that evening, sitting on the floor at my other sons' house,
right by their beautiful christmas tree, bent over with my head on the rug
laughing so hard it was hard to breathe....again, that feeling of overwhelming
gratitude filled me.

today i'm on my own.
which is kinda nice.
i get to hold it all quietly.
and put my tree up as i do so.
there's something really magical about that this morning.

i'm feeling a bit in awe of all that surrounds me.
and feeling like it's such a holy thing to open to it and let it fill me.

i know it's black friday.
i'm even getting a kick outta calling it that lately.
not sure why.
but truthfully, it's anything but black, isn't it?
my entire being is filled with light right now.......

i'm gonna go spread some of that around my living room......

1 comment:

diane in AR said...

it is indeed a holy thing to be filled with light - to take it in and to share it out. . .like you do - holy indeed. . .