Monday, December 1, 2014

finding the joy

someone around here has been ahead of herself.
since my busiest time with work is now,
i try real hard to get a lot of my personal holiday stuff done as early as i can.

which is why this weekend you could find me wrapping presents.

i had so much delight in that project,
i even kinda amazed myself.
i've always enjoyed doing that, but this year was the most fun i've ever had.

and i find that worth noting as this year i had to budget big time.
this is my third year of the budget stuff.....
the first year was really hard.
hard for my ego for sure.
second year wasn't much better.

this year tho......
well, there's been an occasional ruffled ego feather -
where i wish i could give more than i can -
but i gotta say -
i'm mostly over it.
so much so that the joy of what i am giving is totally filling me.

and it's not at all about what i'm giving, of course.
it's the time and the thought and the love that went into the choices.

of course.

the reason this is all news to me is i didn't think i'd ever get over
the darn budget stuff....the drag of all that.

but i did!
and now........there's more joy than ever.

there's more joy than i coulda imagined, and i have no idea if the budgeting
is related to it or just there too. i have no idea.

but it's something to remember when i'm feelin' sad about something,
or something isn't quite how i want it......
maybe if i get over how i want it, and go with how it is......
well, maybe there's a ton of joy that i didn't even know about waiting to be found.

THAT'S why i thought it was news of note.

ho! ho! ho!


diane in ar said...

Did someone say JOY ???? !!!! :)

margy said...

Hey girl, what kind of cosmic stuff have you gotten into the middle of? some kind of a vortex that spins truthful, helpful. loving thoughts out to those of us needing to receive it! I'm just beginning to wrestle with the reality of the budget thing that I've had for some time now and trying to get rid of the resistance,anger, an "poor me" and start finding the blessings attached instead. Thank you for being in my life - your words and "holy vibe" are a Blessing and Joy to behold.

terri st. cloud said...

ah! margy! i TOTALLY understand! totally. it's taken me awhile to come around to the joy, so be gentle with yourself....but it's there! just waitin' for you! sending you a hug....

terri st. cloud said...

lol! diane! joy! joy! joy! and more joy! :)