Tuesday, December 2, 2014

coffee shop thoughts

there's nothing like working in a coffee shop to keep yourself entertained.

sitting here trying to add up numbers, i couldn't help overhearing a young woman nearby.
for some reason, her voice really carried.
and i found myself grinning over and over by the snippets i'd hear.

but it was this little bit that made me pull out the laptop to write the blog -

i heard her say 'i'm getting old.'

that made my 53 year old eyebrows raise.
because the next line was 'i'm 24.'

and she was serious.

this really hit me as i was greatly saddened yesterday by the state of my
elderly neighbor. and by elderly, i really mean elderly - not someone in their 30's.

i heard the old twenty four year old talk about how life was tough.
and i wondered if she really did know that.
she might.
i understood that.
some 8 years olds know more than i do about how tough the world is.
life seems to feel free to teach anyone that, no matter what age.
so i thought maybe she understood.

i heard her ask 'cancer?' and i thought - okay, yeah, she does know.

and then i heard 'leo.'

and i laughed.

and i hoped she really didn't know life was tough.
i hoped life was full of astrology signs for her right now.
there's no need to rush the lesson.

yesterday as i walked back inside after trying to help my elderly neighbor,
and ending up doing nothing but frustrating each of us,
i thought how life could be so cruel.

'cruel' was the word i thought.
it was definitely beyond tough.

i don't feel like this is the woman i've known for years.
she feels gone.
and someone really just not nice has walked in and taken over.
and is torturing everyone.

and i know this happens over and over and over every day all over the place.

and i don't like it.
not at all.

i think back to the days when life was about astrology signs for me.
gosh, i looked at life so differently.

i honestly wish everyone could have that 'astrology' time in their life.
and i know some kids never get it.
they know life is cruel really early.

i didn't find out til later. and i'm kinda glad about that.
cause it gave me time to see that life is beautiful as well.
i was lucky. i got that.

now i spend my time trying to figure out how to hold the mix,
and to trust it, and to know there's magic in it all.

i stumble a lot.
like yesterday after dealing with my elderly neighbor.
but then i hear this young woman's voice, and i remember again.

life is a mix.
and i'm so glad i'm in it.

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diane in AR said...

Really like today's blog - life IS so much a mix. . .and yes there's hard and there's astrology times. . .I'm glad you're in the mix and I'm glad I am as well. . .for sure it makes every new day something to appreciate and learn from.