Monday, November 24, 2014

a little reminder....

the day got away from me today!
but i wanted to run thru with a reminder -

seemed like a good one for thanksgiving week -

what if we just all tried to listen a little bit better this week?!

just listen.

to stop assuming and just listen.

i've felt unheard more than once lately.
but to be totally honest -
i've done the same thing as many times myself - if not more.

so i'm just as guilty of it.

i think it's when i don't feel heard, i remember.

and i cringe when i see how many times i wasn't really listening either.


honest to pete, let's stop talking at each other.
that'd be nice, wouldn't it?


diane in AR said...

I love this - talking WITH each other instead of AT each other and really, really listening. . .a great reminder and great timing for it too. . .

Anonymous said...

Well said and in perfect timing. for such a day and time as this when the needs of others will be evident; like the need to be heard.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the Anonymous comment. I don't have a google account and I didn't understand the other choices.

My name is Tina Phelps