Thursday, November 20, 2014

sharing light

we sat at lunch and talked.
just the two of us.

'i got really sad this morning' he said.
'i did too,' i answered back.

and we talked about it.

when someone gets your sadness and shares it,
and their eyes well up right along with yours....
well, sometimes that in itself is healing.

i just read his blog.
and wanted to share it today.

i love my sons.
and their hearts, my gosh, their hearts blaze light.

holding a bit of that light today....and sharing it with you.

you can find the blog here.
i hope you'll consider joining in the kindness exchange.
it matters.

1 comment:

diane in AR said...

It is an awesome blog - Josh is amazing. . .(as are Noah and Zakk) they are apples that didn't fall far from the terri-tree of light/love/kindness. . .

proud with you of your boys. . .