Wednesday, November 19, 2014


i got to spend a little time with my son, noah, last nite.
when he first came over, he showed me this picture he just took.
i was stunned with its beauty.

it makes me tear up.

for me, it's a symbol of what every single one of us is.
when we open -
when we genuinely open -
it's the light that fills us -
it's the light we give back -
it's the fact that we vibrate light -
it's the fact that we are the light.

this image completely resonates with an image of a white tree i use for
myself and my essence. i believe with all my heart, that we are all this tree.

i asked noah's permission to post this here.
i wanted to share.
to me, this is such a reminder of what we're reaching for -
of what we already are, if we could just let go.

with any luck, noah will be adding more and more work to his offerings
for sale......and maybe this will be included! for now, though, you can find
his other wonderful offerings here.

thank you for letting me share this, noah.
your heart and your talent take my breath away!


diane in AR said...

I so agree Ter, this is one of Noah's pictures that immediately hit me right in my heart and soul - reminding me of a star on a Christmas tree, the light of joy and beauty. . .depth. . .every time I look at it I see and feel something more. . .so glad you had some Noahtime last night!!

terri st. cloud said...

thanks, diane. me too! :)

Anonymous said...

This hits home!!!!