Friday, November 14, 2014

starting the day out right....

i headed out in the early morning to go rake a little bit and to say
hello to the world.

as i walked to the shed, i looked up at the trees -

it was dark, but still some kinda light as i could see the
bare arms of the trees reaching out for the sky.

dark against dark.

i stopped.

first time this season i've seen that.

they're just now bare.
not even all of them.

but there they were.
those arms.

reaching up.

even when i was really young i thought that was profound.
it has always moved me to see that.

it brings forth a whole buncha things inside me at once -
every time.

it's like a gigantic ball of different profound threads that just
rolls thru me and overtakes my insides....all from seeing bare
tree branches.

kinda cool.

somehow it reminds me to be mindful,
and to try to stay calm and steady in the hard parts,
and to always reach for god.

i grabbed my rake and dug in,
thinking of all of that and saying good morning to the world.

not a bad start to the day.....


margy said...

Thanks for the reminder to remain mindful and stay steady in the hard times like that bare tree reaching up to the Divine. Your words continue to open my soul - again, thanks Terri!

terri st. cloud said...

:) thanks, margy. so glad you're out there.

diane in AR said...

I love the images you describe so well. . .when I see them here, the branches dark reaching into a lighter shade of dark always move me as well... what an awesome way for you to say good morning to the day !!! and thanks for the reminder to be mindful, calm stead, observant too and to always, always reach for God. . .have a great day and super weekend. . .

terri st. cloud said...

you too, woman! :)