Monday, November 17, 2014

the lessons of the opposites...

i just recently got a great yin/yang lesson in life.
i love those.

the lessons of the opposites.

don't take yourself seriously.
take yourself seriously.

that's what i got.
and i smiled.
that sounded about right to me.

in part one of the lesson,

i was so inspired by an artist friend of mine.
he does art i just completely love.
i love what he creates -
and at the same time i equally love HOW he creates.
he creates with joy and happiness and fun.
he creates because he wants to.

he's not proving himself,
he's not tryin' to make a buck.
he's not out to show the world he struggles
or to release a darkened soul.

he creates for the darn fun of it.
and it shows.
and it delights my entire being.

and i remember oh so clearly - don't take yourself seriously.

that was one part of the lesson.
and a pretty darn good part.
that made a pretty darn big impression.

part two consisted of being reminded to take myself seriously.

when it comes to understanding that our actions create our life.
our choices in food, exercise, thoughts, activities, life style,
whether we work on healing our wounds or stuffing them  down -
all of that directly affects our every moment.

it is up to us in so many ways if we want to have a healthy life.

and that is ours and no one else's.
and how sincere we are about it, makes all the difference in how
we will live. and in that way, i want to take myself seriously.

i've been holding them both today.
wishing for more time today to play with both ideas....
and knowing that lessons in both will come for sure.

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diane in AR said...

I love your yin/yang reminders - so necessary (even if not always welcome - like we wouldn't want all sunny days because if we didn't have rainy days we wouldn't appreciate the sun as much). . .always good to look at both sides of any issue. . .personal especially. . .thanks ter