Thursday, December 18, 2014

appreciating the season of light

the sad has lifted.
and i'm glad.

i mean, there's still some there.
today's the actual anniversary of my dad's passing.
and that's there inside me.
along with some other stuff.

but i could feel it all lifting last nite.

i opened a box of presents from a friend and set them out
along with lots of tinsel and garland and glitz that she had included.
and i laughed.

stood right there in the middle of the sad and laughed.
because the tinsel and garland and glitz and packages and love
had trumped the sad there for a moment.

seemed to be an important moment.
cause i could see the beauty of the season.

and then i opened a gift from a different friend.
and found handmade love inside.

and it really hit me how it is the perfect season to have sadness in.

because everywhere you turn are reminders of joy, and love and hope and light.

just when you need them, you turn one way and you find one of 'em.
turn a different way, and find another.

that's one of the things that stands out the most for me in my memories
of when my dad passed. the driving back and forth to the hospital and
seeing the christmas lights. i remember how much they meant to me and
how glad i was that they were there.

beautiful light.

it's the season of it.

and i love that.

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diane in AR said...

amen. . .just that. . .amen. . .