Friday, December 19, 2014

window musings

sometimes in the spring,
the weather is so gorgeous out,
and the sky so incredibly blue,
you can just feel it all blowin' in your window
and inviting you to come out and play.

those are times i just can barely stay working,
and i finish up fast so that i can get outside and just be there.

today has seemed to be the winter version of that.

the weather is overcast and quiet,
the sky a soft gray with a deep blue mixed in,
and every single time i look out the window,
i can feel it just whispering to me -
you aren't alone,
everything is okay,

i've gone outside several times to just touch it all,
and have looked out the window more than usual today.

i woke up this morning wondering what life was all about,
wondering what we're doing with our days and why.....
all that stuff someone wonders during mid-life.
it was there inside me this morning.

but every single time i look out my window, or walk out my door,
there's a peace that lands on me.
and it just kinda makes the world stop.

it's the coolest thing.
and while i've noticed those spring days that call to me, many times,
i think this is the first time i ever noticed a winter day that's doin' the same,
only in its winter style.

maybe this happens every single day.
and i never notice.

wouldn't that be amazing?
and if that's the case, maybe that's the answer to those mid-life questions -
maybe every single one of 'em can be answered with -
look out the window and breathe.
soak it in and be.


Anonymous said...

thank you! just perfect

diane in ar said...

I think you're right - maybe this happens every day and we just need to make ourselves aware - and breathe in and soak in every day. . .let's do it. . .