Monday, December 22, 2014

shadows in the light

christmas has got me a little off kilter already.
tryin' to squeeze the work in between the fun has been crazy.
it's a combination the keeps me moving and brings me joy.

but there's another piece to the craze that i can't help but notice.
it's the shadow to all the light.

i have noticed the shadow every day of the season so far.

and when i start to think i'm observant,
i have to snort.
cause the shadow and the light are with us every day, i would think.
i just never notice.

but i am noticing now.
and while that doesn't make me the queen of the observant,
it does make me curious.

today was filled with joy and chaos.
literally running around trying to keep up with a job i love
so that i can go out to be with people i love.
there was such goodness, such love, complete with laughter that made me double over.
it was a morning of light.

and then the shadow came thru.
one of the darker ones.

and yet, at the same time as i grappled with trying to accept the dark,
i shared the struggle with someone i loved.
and right there is the dark and the light dancing together.

it is constant. it is everywhere. and i gotta wonder where have i been all my life.
i feel like i have never noticed it quite the way i'm noticing it now.

christmas week.
honoring the light in the darkness.
and maybe.....something i didn't ever realize before -
honoring the darkness in the light.

the shadows.

a new thought for me..........

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diane in AR said...

thank you - totally with you on today's observations and lessons - love learning and looking at things different ways with you.