Tuesday, December 30, 2014


i've been going to a different grocery store lately.
this one has more organic stuff in it.
so it's drawn me over.
got me out of my habit and creating new ones.
that right there is a good thing.
throw in the organics, and it's a real good thing.

there's a cashier there that i totally love.
i remember the first time i talked to her.
i was completely taken with her beauty.

i see her just about every time i go up there now.
and each time, she's just as beautiful.

she caught my attention this morning as she was being so attentive to someone
most of us would just tolerate.

i didn't realize it was her.
i just noticed the person was being incredibly kind.
i looked over.
her hair was different so i didn't recognize her at first,
and then i saw her face.

of course it was her.
warmth completely exudes out of her.
and it's true warmth, straight from her soul.

as i looked at her, i realized that she wasn't the beauty 'standard.'
that'd she'd never be on a magazine cover.
in fact, she didn't have to be seen as beautiful at all.
but i'm pretty darn sure every man in the area would be attracted to her,
and every woman think she's worth admiring.

so i thought about that as i walked past her this morning.
she is an example of beauty that goes beyond physical.
so far beyond, that she breaks the 'standard' physical barriers
and carries you away with who she is.

her being who she is, reminds me to be who i am.
her being warm and kind and considerate reminds me that that's what
i care about in a person, and reminds me to keep at it.

her being the most beautiful woman i've ever seen up there,
reminds me that the magazines have it all wrong.
and that yeah, when you see real beauty, it is so striking it inspires you -
it doesn't make you feel less than.
it reminds you to be who you are.

how incredibly cool is that?
and what a great reminder as i go into the new year.......

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diane in ar said...

awesome reminder about beauty - sometimes I think when people are beautiful on the inside, no matter what they look like, their beauty shines forth and glows from them. . .what a great reminder to for us to be who we are - not someone else or look like someone else, but be the real us. . .Happy New Year Plan!!!