Wednesday, December 31, 2014

on this last day....

hands down, my all time favorite author is mark nepo.

my guys gave me his latest book for christmas.

i'm only on page 24 and i just feel like they handed me a trunk of treasures.

i wanted to end the year from something from this new book -
'the endless practice, becoming who you were born to be'

but which quote???
even having only read 24 pages it's just so hard to pick.

but then i saw this one line.

and i thought what a perfect line to end the year with -

so for all of us,
i offer a thought from one of my heroes -
(thank you, mark, for all that you do)

'Life is made just difficult enough that we need each other.'


diane in ar said...

Perfect - awesome quote - thanks for sharing and Happy New Year !

margy said...

...and I know that Mark meant that the needing each other is in a healthy way, not in a keeping you captive need (can you by any chance tell I'm struggling with Have a wonderful, joy-filled day my dear!

Anonymous said...