Friday, January 2, 2015

a new year thought

i had a really cool dream last nite.
i'd tell it, but no one cares but me.  :)
i woke up and wrote a bone sigh from it.
i'd share, but it makes no sense.
(i just shared it on facebook anyway)

so why do i even bring it up if i'm not gonna share anything about it?

i think because it was so darn cool.
and it made me HAVE to write something in response to it when i woke up.
i just leaned over, picked up my pen and wrote something.
i don't think i can ever use what i wrote anywhere,
except somewhere deep inside of me.
and i have no idea even with that. it's just a feeling.

and THAT is what i wanted to share.

the process.
the honoring of it.
the trusting of it.
and the playing with it.

i'm so delighted i let it move me enough to write something about it.
i'm so delighted i had it in the first place.
i'm so delighted i don't understand any of this - the having of the dreams,
the meaning of the dreams, or the reactions from the dreams, but i like it anyway.

i am delighted that for a moment i felt the mystery of living
and i didn't have to do anything but be with it.

seemed like a good new year thought.

1 comment:

diane in ar said...

Sounds like a delightful (:) ) way to start the new year - going with what came in a dream and writing from the dream, even when you didn't understand it all. . . sounds like it was all good!!!! Love the being with it. . .that's REAL !!!