Thursday, December 11, 2014

magic moments

it keeps happening.
this crazy mix of so many different feelings.

then last nite, just as i was walking out of my office
and turning off the light, the phone rang.

it was a friend calling telling me it was time for a root beer float.
i laughed, said 'perfect timing, give me 20 minutes.'
and i ran down and got the ingredients.

when i came back we shared a float over the phone.
and laughed and talked and slurped.

it's the root beer float moments i'm thinking of today.

we need to know they're there and they pop in at wonderful times,
and that all the crazy mix is just that - a crazy mix.
and we just need to keep trying to open to it all..........

1 comment:

diane in ar said...

Love this one (love root beer floats too) and I thought you even had a card with rbf - gonna go look - I love finding and opening the surprises that pop up!!!