Tuesday, December 16, 2014

now's the time

so many many threads are running thru my mind lately.
i think the holidays bring up a lot.
and i guess a whole lotta things come together and meet this time of year.
so my head has been swimming.

rather than untangle the threads with you right now,
i'll just go down to the bottom part that seems to be screaming at me thru all the rest -

it's something like -


that's pretty much what it's screaming.
i have heard incredible stories of loss and lives unlived.
there have been stories of people not living their truth because of guilt
and obligation....and then dying and not even realizing they had things all mixed up.

the whole 'what are you bringing to the party?' thing i've talked about here -
what is it you bring to the moments of your life?
and why?

is it because you want to be who you are?
or are you trying to be who you should be?

LIFE IS SHORT! is also being screamed inside of me.

we gotta grab it and live it for our own reasons.
for the reasons the feel meaningful and real to ourselves.

and everyone else will have to deal with that in whatever way works for them.

all of this is whirling inside of me in a thousand different forms.

every day lately i've engaged with someone who tells me they don't feel they're enough,
they don't feel they can be who they are for whatever reasons,
they feel less than.
they feel obligated.
they feel too sad to move.
or they just don't have any 'giving back to the party' that they're showing.
they're just there.

it's the end of the year.
the dark time of the year.

the time just before we take some time to sit and think about where we're
going with our next year....with our lives.

maybe it's time to reflect a little on who we are and why.
and who we want to live for.

what a cool thing to do.
what a vital thing to do.

now's the time.
let's grab it.


diane in AR said...

Today's blog is one so many of us need to read, BE WHO YOU ARE, LIVE YOUR LIFE FOR YOU and LIFE IS SHORT - you're right, the time in now. ..be myself, live my live, grab it, do it. . .

thanks ter

diane in AR said...

is now - will my fingers ever learn? lol