Thursday, December 4, 2014

the way you look at things

i have days where i literally run from thing to thing.

this was one of those days.
i ran all over the place.

i generally like that as it keeps my energy up and
i end up smilin' a lot as i run.

this morning tho, i took my time outside.
which may explain the running the rest of the day!

i raked.
and raked.
and raked some more.

but that's not why i went outside.

i went outside because i saw the morning just beginning to break
right out my living room window.
and i couldn't stand it.
i HAD to be out there with it.

so, yeah, now that i think about it,
my running started then.
i ran to get ready to get out there.

and i got lost in thinking and raking.
apparently i needed to sort thru a few things.
so i raked and sorted.
raked and sorted.

and then as i finished up raking,
i looked at my yard. really didn't look raked.

i mean, it looked like it had less leaves.

but you know that look you get when you rake?
where it's all neat and clean?

i don't get that.
mine still looks like it needs raking.
every time i rake.

so i noticed that.
and for the first time, felt discouraged.
thinking i just wasn't good at this job.

luckily that lasted for about 3 seconds.
because then i remembered why i went out in the first place.

i came out to be in the morning.
i came out to be outside when the morning burst thru.
i came out to soak in the world.

not rake.

well, in that case -
that works well.
cause i'm pretty good at doin' that.

it's all just in the way you look at things, isn't it?

1 comment:

Diane Stefan said...

You give new meaning to the song 'Morning has broken' - love the way YOU look at things. . .and you're right - you didn't really go out to rake anyway, you went out to let morning spill all over, in and through you. . .to start you on your zoomzoom day - great way to start any day, right?