Friday, December 5, 2014

gettin' ready for the birthday.....

so tomorrow's my first born's birthday.
and being very much like his mama,
he's begun the celebrating already.

today he took me out to lunch as a thank you for giving birth to him.
kinda cool.
kinda darn cool.

when i look back at all those years we've traveled together,
i'm amazed at how packed they've been, how very magical,
how very difficult, and how totally full.

i think of some of those moments where we locked horns and
just wrestled things out. how we cried our way thru things,
or laughed and laughed with delight.

i have moments in my memory that i wouldn't trade for anything.

we share some kinda weird cosmic wavelength.
we think the same thoughts sometimes and understand things
before the other has finished speaking.

i love that.

right now we're waiting for the bleach to do the trick so we can
dye his hair red for the holidays. the perfect start to a birthday weekend!

no one could have explained the road i was going down 29 years ago.
no one.

and i'm kinda glad.

you have to live it to know.

that's just the deal with life, isn't it?
you have to live it to know what it's full of.

if anyone teaches me how to live fully, it's this crazy son of mine.

so to honor him for his birthday, i wanted to put a reminder out here
for all of us - let's remember this weekend -

to live fully, to embrace it all, to follow the road where it takes us -
cause no one can explain where we're goin'.......or all the magic
we'll bump into.

if only we open to it......

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diane in AR said...

What a wonderful pre-birthday post for Josh. . .love it, love the special connection you have with each of your sons. . .who'd a known that precious baby would 29 years later be making himself a holiday redhead? He, like his momma is magic. . . Happy Birthday Josh. . . Happy Giving Birthday Terri. . .