Monday, December 8, 2014


whew! been one of those days!
finally sittin' down to blog.

there's been a poem i've been wanting to post now for about a week.
tonite seems like the perfect time as i would just end up rambling about
the wonderful birthday adventure we had with josh.

it truly was wonderful!

a poem that will knock your socks off.

by mary oliver

i read this and when i hit the last line i almost fell over.
gosh, do i understand that line......

The slippery green frog
that went to his death
in the heron's pink throat
was my small brother,

and the heron
with the white plumes
like a crown on his head
who is washing now his great sword-beak
in the shining pond
is my tall brother.

My heart dresses in black
and dances.


Diane Stefan said...

So glad Josh's birthday was so fun - it looked like you all had a terrific time!!! And, oh, Mary Oliver - love her work, her words. Thanks for sharing!

terri st. cloud said...

thanks, diane! :)