Friday, January 9, 2015

just a little bit freaky...

i had a dream this morning.
don't remember what it was.
or what happened.
all i remember was waking up to this inner screaming inside myself.
like my inner child was yelling from the depths of her soul -

it was loud, riveting, haunting......and vibrated inside of me long after i woke.

i got up and took a walk.
wanted to kinda air out the echo.
see what came up.
nothing really to report.
except this pondering -
couldn't every single one of us wake up to the same scream?

and who is it that question is being asked of?
it's gotta be ourselves asking ourselves -
pay attention. attend to your needs, listen to yourself.

we cannot go outside ourselves looking for this.
it has to be our own selves that pay attention to our own selves.
and then when we do that,
we will be so much more able to help another do the same.

these were my thoughts when i landed on facebook.
and what's the first thing i saw?
a friend had posted this quote -

'we have to listen to the child we once were,
the child who still exists inside us.
that child understands magic moments.
we can stifle its cries, but we cannot silence its voice.
the child we once were is still there'
-paulo coelho

that's almost a little eerie isn't it?!
it's been a really hectic day.
haven't had much more chance to ponder.
but i'm thinking there's a little one inside me that isn't
gonna let that be the case for too long.

there's so much to explore.
and i just love that.


diane in ar said...

pay attention to our needs - such good advice. . .attend to our needs and we'll be so better equipped to help others. . .love exploring with you terri - thank you, as always for a provocative blog and good, good things to think about and act on. . .

terri st. cloud said...

thanks for being such a huge part of that, diane!

diane in ar said...