Thursday, January 8, 2015

interesting timing

i've been thinking about life a lot.
the whole new year thing, i guess.
and maybe having had a touch of something and feeling low
and now getting my energy back.
i guess for lots of reasons.
i keep thinking about life.
and what we do with it.
and what we don't do with it.
and how sometimes we all act like we have forever and waste so much
of what we're given.

i keep thinking about all that.
and what i want.
and how committed i am to making it happen.
and what i can do differently.
all of that.

and then rilke came up in conversation.

and i remembered when i first wanted to learn about rilke.
it was when i heard his poem in the movie 'awakenings.'

so i looked it up on youtube today.
and i listened.
and i watched the scene from the movie.

and i tell ya,
if that didn't hit me like a big two by four across the face
of how lucky i am.
and how much i have to live for.
and how i really want to grab living.......

so i thought i'd share.

click here for the clip.


diane in ar said...

WOW - powerful poem (and reading of it by Robin Williams) - treasure our minutes - everyone one - grab life and live it - such a good lesson to be reminded of - thank you. . .

terri st. cloud said...

isn't it? i just love that clip!