Wednesday, January 7, 2015

masters of our own gaze

i was lucky enough to attend a magic show last nite.
it was the biggest magic show i've ever been to -
and i was sure i would come home believing in magic even more than ever.

i didn't.
i came home with something even better.

two somethings.

i was quite taken, impressed and excited to watch the combination
of really hard work and out of the box creativity. what a mix to put together!
talk about inspiration to come to your work day with.

it was called 'the illusionists'.....for good reason.
it was all illusion after illusion.

in conversation about the show on the way home i commented on how
i was continually looking in the wrong place. and we talked about how
that was deliberate.

that just like with art or a photo, your eyes can be guided to a certain place,
and so it is the same with live performance. and they were masters of
directing our gaze.

that got me thinking.
how about with life and living?

how about creating an encounter....a day...a life...filled with
directing your gaze to a certain area. how about deliberately directing
the focus of those all around you to the places you want to focus.
how about become masters of our own gaze?

i have been thinking about that for years,
but never quite in this magic show inspired way.
it's given me a new angle and new inspiration.

i love what art in all its forms can offer.
last nite i soaked in a different kind of art.
and today i feel better for it.


diane in ar said...

WOW - great time AND food for thought - great inspiration - so glad you had the magic. . .

terri st. cloud said...

wavin' my magic wand your way, diane! :)