Tuesday, January 6, 2015


i read a post on facebook that captured my interest.
it was a 'dear amy' letter.
i didn't even know there was a dear amy.
maybe that's big and in every newspaper.
maybe it's just a local thing.
have no idea.

the letter to amy was pretty sad.
a person who didn't see that their own actions were rotten.
and was complaining about her sister who was being hurt by those actions.
there was a whole lot this woman was blind to.
and there wasn't much stable about the story.
wasn't much healthy.
and amy ended up blasting the writer of the letter.
telling her she was rotten.

people were in favor of the blasting.

and yeah, she did sound like the rotten sister no one would want.
i was certainly not on her side.

but the blasting.....
that's what i'm thinking about with it all.

i commented on that very thing and wondered if the blasting that amy gave
would be something the sister could hear.

i MIGHT be able to hear the message in a blasting from someone i love.
i'm not even sure.
yeah....actually......i can think of a time i was blasted from someone at work.
and they were right, had a point, and i accepted it.
it didn't feel good, but i felt like it was warranted.
and i respected their thoughts.
so okay, maybe blasting works sometimes.

but it worked on me cause i was willing to hear.
i was willing to see what i was doing wasn't cool.

what works on someone who seems to have some pretty deep problems
getting in the way? is there any point in blasting? or is that just something
amy does to feel good about herself? or is it good entertainment? or does
it all make us feel better about ourselves?

i wonder.

it makes me think how simple answers come so easy,
and may release something that we feel needs releasing.
or maybe gives us something that we feel we need to get.

but i'm wondering if it's like candy.
feels good in the moment, but not much healthy about it.

i honestly don't know.
maybe the blasting is exactly what the woman needed,
maybe she'll hear and mend her ways.

from what i know about people, i would doubt it.
but i also know, i'm continually surprised and really know so little.

what i'd really like to know is how to get thru to people who can't see,
how to have people who can't listen, hear.

wouldn't that be so awesome to know?
i'm thinking it's just not a simple answer.
but i don't even have a good alternative to offer amy.
there's just something deep inside of me -
maybe left over from my mothering days -
that says blasting anyone isn't for the benefit of the one you're blasting,
it's for a warped sense of your own benefit.
and that is something that seemed like a good thing to ponder.

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diane in ar said...

never heard of dear amy. . .but I agree with all you've said here - something to think about - and wonder as well - maybe the writer is big into drama. . .which tends to over-inflate situation. . .but how to deal with blasting - and publicly - that's a whole other story. . .there needs to be respect somewhere. . .thanks for sharing, ter. . .