Tuesday, January 13, 2015


it was years ago.
i was at dinner with some married friends.
and i totally put like both feet and more in my mouth.

i was away from my guy, missing him, and thinking about him.
in my mind, he was (and still is) magnificent.

i asked the husband what were some of the reasons he thought his wife was magnificent.

oh man.

there was an awkward silence.
and then he actually said something like he didn't think she was.

oh man.

it was horrible.

and yeah, she didn't think he was either.

so i tried to clean up the mess by saying maybe it was the wrong word,
or something like that.

but let me tell you, i squirmed.
and i felt terrible.
and i realized that what i felt for my guy was something to be cared for,
tended and nourished.

it has since been a topic between us.
and a key word.
and my married friends? well, they're no longer married.

so i remembered this yesterday.
and that 'magnificent' truly is the word that i want to use.
it's a great word.
and i thought about how we are all magnificent.
we really are.
but we forget, or we don't know in the first place,
or someone makes us feel differently, or maybe i should say - we LET
someone make us feel differently.

whatever the case, we forget.
i decided to make a  greeting card for bone sigh arts that says exactly this -
'you are magnificent!'

thought it'd be easy.
thought it'd be done by now.
but it's harder than i thought. and may take me awhile here.

but i wanted to blog about it while it was on my mind.

do we believe we're magnificent?
if not, why not?
do we surround ourselves with people who think so?
if not, why not?
are we living the way we want to live?
if not, why not?

we truly are magnificent.
and i wish every single one of us at least one other person in our lives
who sees that in us - AND who tells us here and there.

maybe even sends us a greeting card that says so!~


margy said...

Thanks for the reminder Terri - nourish that relationship with that fella of yours - you're some kind of magnificent lady!

terri st. cloud said...

and YOU are pretty darn magnificent yourself, ms. margy!

diane in ar said...

whhoooppps - yup, that was awkward, wasn't it. . .at the dinner - oh my. . .then not surprising they are not still together.

And you're so right about magnificent - what a great word and how delightful and wonderful to have someone think that of you. . .

I'm feeling blessed that just yesterday someone told me I was magnificent. . .and yes, it felt wonderful - I smiled for hours thinking someone I respected and loved thought that about me. AND told me !!!

While you're making the new bone sign MAGNIFICENT card, I will be writing a list of awesome, amazing, magnificent people to send them too. . .thanks ter. . .

terri st. cloud said...

smilin' a mile wide! AND! i finished it today. was gonna post it on fb, but thought i'd wait til they come in! :)

Sherry said...

I remember you told me this story before, and I recently sought it out to remember it correctly. I think it's so important, and I find it to hard to lose sight of. I get caught in these relationships and find myself saying "maybe this is normal" "maybe I expect too much" but really, if the person you consider your "significant" other isn't magnificent in your eyes..what's the point, right?