Friday, January 16, 2015


so the flu bug landed.
did it ever land.
landed me right on the floor in the bathroom.
suddenly those tiles that had been so cold all winter felt awfully good to my clammy face.
i think they brought me back from the darkness that was crashing in all around me.

and i think i got off lucky.
only one 'i'm gonna throw up then pass out or pass out and die' moment happened.
i think i got off easy.

it did occur to me how scary it had to be to be really going thru life threatening things all by yourself.

this was the flu and i wondered if i'd pass out, would i wake up again?
would i end up being found on my bathroom floor?
i know. drama is in my blood.

so that nite, when i was laying there not feelin so great,
i got to talkin' to my body.
i had a pretty good fever at that point, and i think that helped the conversation.
cause everything became so clear to me.
my body was my friend and i understood exactly why it was doin' what it was doin'
and how it was workin' with me. i understood why i got sick, understood what i could
get out of it, and felt really calm and centered.

was prolly the fever.
and the drugs.

but it was really cool while it lasted.
and maybe i couldn't keep the clarity and understanding i had the nite before,
but i did keep the feeling that my body was my friend and was workin' with me.
which has been nice.

so today, when i got up rarin' to go, then got tired, took a break, then got up again
rarin' to go, and then didn't feel so good.....i body was my friend.
and i was gonna take care of it.

so i'm gonna go lay down again. and relax and let it recover.

when i'm like this i see how much energy my life does take.
my gosh, my days are full and require a lotta zip.
i'm so lucky i have that zip most of the time.

i don't have it today.
moving a box from one room to the other tires me.
and reminds me of how energetic i am most days.

i feel grateful, wiped out, and respectful of this body of mine.
and really really empathetic to anyone struggling with long term illness,
and anyone goin' it alone.

may we all remember our body is our friend and tryin' to work with us.
and may we all practice workin' with it as well.

here's to a healthy weekend all around!

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diane in ar said...

BAD flu bug for zapping you!!! But, as always, love how you listen, talk and learn and grow in ANY situation. . .even if it was with the help of the fever and the drugs. . .a good reminder to all of us to take care of our body,our friend - be well. . .