Thursday, February 26, 2015

a foot in the door.....

in the spirit of the rockefeller inspriration (see post below)
i've been tryin' to pay attention to things around me and to open to
different ways of doin' stuff.

it's kinda cool as it's keeping me in an increased awareness place.
trying to find things to work with.

after clearing out some beautiful snow this morning,
i came in to take a hot shower.
the whole morning is off schedule so i thought, what the heck,
i'm gonna make it a candlelight shower with music.

i haven't taken a lot of these.
but each time i take one, it's complete magic.
this time was no exception.

as the music played, it felt like a prayer.
the steam filled the room and surrounded the candles in the dark little
bathroom. they looked totally mystical. i was in a sacred space
right there in my shower.

as i've gotten a bit older here, i've seen that i really really need to
stretch just so that i can keep moving. and believe me, my stretches aren't much.
but they feel so good. lifting my arms over my head up to the sky is one
of my favorite things to do now.

and so, i lifted my arms and stretched.
i could feel so much more of me.
it was like the world kinda bogs me down sometimes and i end up
more sunken into myself than stretched to the universe.
and i felt myself just open as i reached higher and higher with the music goin'
and the steam rollin' around the candles.

i reached for the soap and watched my hands move as i moved the soap over
me. and i looked at the droplets of water on my skin.

i think one of the most beautiful sights is droplets of water on skin.
and i saw how beautiful it was.

and i kinda did a quiet little double take.

i have millions of body issues.
and seeing anything beautiful about my body is pretty hard for me to do.

and here i was, seeing the beauty of my skin and the water.

and i knew.
it was a big deal.
and i knew that i'm trying to be aware now and watch for things to work with.
and i saw -
this is really a pretty big foot in the door.
when it comes to body issues, i just get stuck.
don't even know how to tackle them.

candle light showers may be a start into understanding the sacred of
my very own body.

go figure.
and since i'm not the only one out here with those issues, i thought i would share.
and suggest giving it a try.
don't forget some sacred kinda music,
some beautiful candles
and lots of steam!

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diane in ar said...

I like this idea/plan - candlelight showers with music. . .yes, definitely a must try!