Wednesday, February 25, 2015


it's a long story i'd love to tell in person.
it's the kinda thing enhanced so much with voice intonations,
hand waves, eyebrows up and down and big eyes,
a little tossin' of the hair here and there, that kinda thing.

so kinda insert some of that as you read.
this is the nutshell version......but it gets the point across......

i watched a show on the big rich guys in the early days of america.
and i got really really taken with rockefeller.
(NOT with his ruthless tactics, none of that stuff.....but with his MIND.)

three things of his story really stood out in my mind.

nutshelled -

he was headin' to a meeting that would change everything for him -
heading in as the struggling one, the underdog -
missed his train, train derailed, everyone dies, he's saved, he's sure god did it,
he's now certain he's god's man.
when he heads to the meeting the next time, there's nothing underdog about him.
he's destiny's child.

i find that incredibly interesting.

okay....then later the train guys kinda turn on him and want to hurt him a bit
financially. he can still use the trains, but they're bein' stinky and he doesn't like to lose.
so he has to think about it - it's not immediate - but he gets it -
and the man builds pipelines!!!
he builds pipelines!
who the heck would ever even think of that?!

that's so far beyond thinking outta the box, i don't have a name for it.
awe inspiring.

and third - when electricity comes along and his kerosene business isn't gonna
weather the change, he goes back to the drawing board, finds the waste that his
company has been tossing (yeah, into the rivers, but that's another story) and he
gathers a team of scientists to come up with a use for it. they come up with some
small stuff. not big enough. he makes them keep trying - and tada! gasoline is born!

the man does it again!

okay. these three parts of the story took my breath away.
i think especially as an entrepreneur.
but here's the thing - all those guys were just about winning and money and that
kinda stuff.....their focus isn't anywhere i want mine to be.

but! that doesn't stop the inspiration.
i had a darn clogged/frozen sink for a week.
i tried a few things to solve it, they didn't work, i hung out and hoped.
that's certainly not a rockefeller move!
so i'm watchin' this and i'm thinking......

i want to be a rockefeller of inner work.
i want to think outta the box, not let things stop my progress - even big things.
i want to create new avenues that carry me to new places.
i want to know i can do it.

i am SO excited about this thought.
what have i done so far?
not much.
but i keep listening and opening to new thoughts and ideas.
i figure that's a real good start.
i want to try a lotta different things.
work in different ways with things -
get back into my dreams, my consistent writing,
new methods of reaching my inner self that i haven't tried before.
that kinda thing.

i am inspired and rarin' to go!


diane in ar said...

I love the way your mind words and what you do and think with what inspires you - would have loved to hear this in person with all the gestures. . .but your wrote it well - loved it. . .

diane in ar said...

meant your mind 'works' - but words isn't too bad a slip. . .love this lesson in learning and using what you learn to grow. . .

Anonymous said...

I so get being inspired by the men of that time. I loved Carnegie. I loved that he wanted to leave the world with the same amount of money he started with, so instead of buying frivolous stuff, he built LIBRARIES!
I think it takes some kind of adversity to really kick start us. And yeah, I can't see the greed aspect appealing, but the thinking outside the box? oh heck yeah!
This is great!

terri st. cloud said...

no worries, diane, i understand typos! :) thanks you guys for reading it!