Tuesday, February 24, 2015

new stuff for my brain......

sometimes i just start living stuff i don't understand.
but i figure sooner or later something will make sense.
so i just kinda keep going.

i started something lately and it inspired this quote -

'slipping deeper into their love,
they came to a place of co-creation -
a place the were just beginning to understand.
a place that demanded kindness and awareness
and in return, offered the sacred.'

what the heck does that mean?
i just barely have a glimpse.

and then!
today! which is like HOURS after i wrote that quote,
i was reading some mark nepo on my lunch break.
i wish i could type out the whole darn chapter.
but i can't. but i WILL type this part out -

'True connection requires that a part of us dissolves in order to join
with what we meet. This is always both painful and a revelation, as who
we are is rearranged slightly, so that aliveness beyond us can enter and
complete us. Each time we suffer, each of us is broken just a little, and
each time we love and are loved, each of us is beautifully dissolved, a
piece at a time. We break so we can take in aliveness and we dissolve so
we can be taken in.'

that incredible gem is from mr. mark nepo in his latest book, 'the endless practice'

it was QUITE the lunch hour here as i nodded all thru my reading.
had to share.


diane in ar said...


Mark and Terri's words
though written different times
fit. . .like a puzzle

Really, ter - your words were infinitely clear and beautiful and true. . .to really love and be in love kindness and awareness really are sacred when shared.

thank you for sharing with us

terri st. cloud said...

oh! oh! oh! how cool is that?!