Wednesday, February 4, 2015

loving this thought.......

granted our brains are wired the same,
and maybe that's why i just understood the moment he said it.
and after he said it, i kept thinking about it.
i posted it on fb today cause i was so taken with it.
then i told noah and zakk. and they just stared at me with no comprehension.
i laughed right out loud.

so maybe we gotta leave off the gas station part? as that seemed to be
what they stumbled on -

"I pulled into the gas station, and I saw a Bald Eagle flapping his wings. I found that encouraging."

the gas station part really doesn't matter.

it's the whole you usually see an eagle soaring thing -
but he's gotta flap to soar.

and my gosh, right now i'm doin' a whole lotta flappin',
so maybe that's why i was so taken with it.

it's okay to flap.
you gotta in fact.

you just gotta darn flap over and over sometimes.
it's all part of the soaring.......

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