Tuesday, February 3, 2015

love month

well, here we are, a few days into love month.
this is a good month, if we can get past the hallmark valentine thang.
it's a really good month.

it's like november being gratitude month -
it's certainly not about the hallmark image of dinner with the turkey and the fam.
it's about knowing what incredible gifts we're blessed with every day
and keeping them in mind. that's a mighty cool thing to try to keep
goin' for the month.

and that's how i feel about love month -
it's a great time to focus on love.
starting with the love for ourselves.
someone just mentioned that's it really hard to offer that to ourselves
when we're feeling dried up and weary.
and oh man, isn't that when we need it the most?
i think maybe just starting tiny is what we can do when we feel
like it's just impossible. just starting tiny, because it's a start.
and there's more -

it's about getting out of ourselves and offering love around us.
it's about acting with love, thinking with love, speaking with love.
and being aware of all that.

love month.
it's taken on such a powerful beautiful tone since i've started looking at it this way.
yeah, even in the harder years when i wasn't feelin' quite so perky.

it helps me remember to reach beyond myself.

in the dead of winter - the warmth of love wraps around me.
there's something really profound to that.
if we open to it......


diane in ar said...

That's what I love about you and your words (and your art) - it's the truth, the real, the honest that you share with us. . .and yes, I love that you suggest we start love month with ourselves - and then spread it around. . .I was blessed to get an extra nudge of encouragement the beginning of the month and it's going to carry me through all of February - and I will spread the love as best I can. Thanks ter. . .you are wise and wonderful. . .and sometimes wylde. . .lol

terri st. cloud said...

lovin' you, diane....

diane in ar said...

less than three = <3 = heart