Monday, February 2, 2015

hold my hand, and turn the lights back on!

bone sigh arts offers a quote of the day every weekday for
people who sign up for it. (you can sign up here if you like!)

today's quote was 'hold my hand' -
and i've been thinking about it today.
i wrote it with my guy in mind.
but it can be for any close person in your life.

and i was thinking how hard it is sometimes to hang on to the other person's
hand when it's bumpy.

seems the bump a lotta times breaks the hands apart.
and that, i guess, is the whole point of this quote.
don't let go.
and remember you're on the journey together.
easier said than done sometimes.
specially when we're feeling threatened.
that's the point tho, ya know?
hang on even when it's scary to do that!

and something i thought worth reminding all of us -

go figure.
now is where i was going to post the picture of the piece
and the quote.
power went out.
it just went out.
super windy here.

what can ya do?

so for the sake of my conserving energy  i will just go ahead
and put the link here and make you go check it out yourselves!
so sorry about that.

click here to see what the heck i'm taking about!

and cross your fingers on the power coming back soon!

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Sherry said...

this is beautiful Terri, I hadn't seen this one yet. <3