Tuesday, February 17, 2015


i was reading a bit of mr. mark nepo this morning and found this -
it's a gotta share paragraph -

'More deeply  facing the lion is the call to summon our best
qualities in order to face some one, some thing some force that is challenging.
But this one or thing or force is not always bad or dangerous, as life often
demands that we face things in order to transform - a process we often resist.
If persistent, facing our challenges can transform us into our truest self.
So to face does not mean to resist or defeat, but to encounter honestly.  And
to be does not mean to retreat from the world, but to merge with it from a
centered place of strength.'

Facing the Lion, Being the Lion - Mark Nepo

to encounter honestly.
to merge with the world from a centered place of strength.

my gosh.
feelin' like it's back to the drawing board over here!

but i remember that somewhere he wrote about all the standing ups
and falling downs - all the times we don't encounter honestly
or merge from a centered place of strength....that's all about being human.

we just keep going.

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