Monday, February 16, 2015

just not done yet.......

i'm not sure if everyone who comes out of a trauma or a crisis or just life gunk
wonders if they're damaged or not. i know a fair amount of people who have,
including myself.

it was a lotta years ago when i was wrestling with that one.

but the topic came up again for me and this time i could look at it from
the perspective of having traveled quite a ways into the world of inner work.
and of having watched a lotta fellow travelers.

and i got this thought -

'i'm not damaged, i'm just not done yet.'

and i really really liked it.
and i'm not sure it makes any sense out of my head.
i know it does inside my head tho.
so thought i'd explain it.

i guess i don't really know what any of us means when we wonder if we're damaged.
i guess maybe we wonder if we'll ever really be 'okay.' if we can ever
really be loved or truly love back. or know our value or be able to claim
our value. it's stuff that hover around those kinda thoughts, i would guess.

and i'm thinking that the only time we're really 'damaged' is when we
quit trying not to be. when we give up on the journey to healing. if you
give up because you believe you are damaged, well, then......maybe that's
what being damaged is.

but if you keep trying, and you keep working on getting stronger and better,
then no, you're not damaged. you're just not done yet.

that was the thought.
and i really like it.
so thought i'd share for anyone who's ever wondered that about themselves....

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diane in ar said...

I appreciate today's post - when I've thought myself not good enough, not worthy enough it did indeed 'damage' my feelings of self worth. . .and while my issues have not been big traumas I have wondered at times. . . am I normal, am I okay. . .and you're right - we are only really damaged when we give up on ourselves. . .when we quit trying to be our best and strongest self. . .we need to keep trying and trying and trying - you're right, we're not done yet!!! Thanks Ter