Friday, February 13, 2015

lovin' ourselves....

we didn't even do it on purpose.
it just kinda happened.
the conversation led right to it - self love.
and it was my son who said the words -
'it all comes down to self love.'

my eyebrows went up in delight.
and i nodded my head in agreement.

it really does, doesn't it?
our quality of life, our relationships, what we do with our time
and energy and how we take care of ourselves and others.

it all comes right down to it.
self love.

i figured it was the perfect ending to love week,
and perfect sign-off right before valentine's day.

a reminder about self love.

how do we get it?
if we're short on it, how do we get it?

i don't know.
i guess we grow it.
but i think it's gotta be intentional.
i think we have to try.

i have a bone sigh i like a lot because i think it's the start of self love -
we have to choose to step into it, ya know?

this one's for all of us this weekend - and always -

and the fist became the open hand.
she refused to beat herself any longer.
speaking words of kindness,
she gently touched her hair,
looked into her own eyes and
took the first step towards love.

you can find 'the fist' here.

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diane in ar said...

Love 'the fist' bone sigh and love today's post - just posted my Vday 'hello' with a reminder about self-love - thanks for teaching me about that ter. . .your powerful words help so very much. . .