Thursday, February 12, 2015


i just saw this vid on facebook and thought it was incredible!
it's of little tiny kids discovering their shadows -
and they aren't happy about it!

it was so amazing to me.
and it made sense.
here's this darn thing that won't stop following you.
it won't stop being connected to you.
it won't go away!

and they have no idea what it is.

i don't remember when my kids discovered their shadows.
i really don't.
i wish i did.
i wish i remember if i showed it to them,
or if they found it and freaked out.

but wow.....i understood these kids' reactions to it.
and i kinda wish one of the parents put the camera down and
told them it's a good thing. i'm hoping they all did.

but the whole thing really struck me.

it seemed really reasonable to me to freak out over it.
and it seemed like a great symbolic story or something.

our 'shadow side' immediately comes to mind -
or any darn part.
our parts that are so connected to us and just there
and show up when something is shining on them at a certain angle -
and they freak us out by their presence.

who doesn't know those parts?

i have one that comes to mind immediately.
it's my 'shame' part.
that thing is so connected to me, and such a part of me.
and certainly shows up when certain things hit it at just the right angle.
and it freaks me out every time.
i don't want it to be there.
and i feel how deeply it is there.
and i just don't like that.

i can totally relate to these kids in the vid!
trying to run from it while crying.
oh yeah. i can relate.
and maybe there's something to learn there.
maybe those parts are just part of us.
and just show up here and there.
and maybe if i knew it was as every day as a shadow,
maybe i'd relax a bit.
and maybe that in itself would help a great deal.

maybe just knowing it was okay would really make it okay.

you can see the vid here.

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