Friday, March 13, 2015

a question to mull....

i noticed something years back,
and i've watched ever since and i'm a believer -
it's this -
the older we get the more what's inside of us takes over our looks.
that's the best way i could put it.
and then i read a line from mark nepo last nite
and i gasped!

'We slowly become what we seek.'


i love that way of putting it.

and um....
doesn't it just make you stop and think?!

what the heck are you seeking?!

thought that was a good question to carry thru the weekend........

1 comment:

diane in ar said...

I believe it as well - so we really need to concentrate on seeking good. . .so inside and out will be. . .good. . .good thoughts for over the weekend. . .