Monday, March 16, 2015

me and the spring....

trust the process...
trust the cycles...
and push thru what you got to.

that's the lesson i got at the end of this winter.

i could feel this whole winter hibernating thing happening with me.
it felt right. it felt like part of the process and part of the cycles of the seasons.
it felt like a quieting i needed to do.

thing is, hibernating and getting lethargic are two different things,
and i think there's a fine line between them.

at some point, i took a turn.
from hibernating into lethargic.
and i noticed.
and i told myself spring was coming soon enough and it'd all take care of itself.

but then one morning i woke up and told myself nope. i wasn't gonna just wait.
it was time i grabbed my life back. i didn't want to just wait.
this wasn't a 'trust the process' thing.
this was a 'do what you gotta do to live' thing.
and so i deliberately got myself moving.
i started with cleaning.
that's always a good place for me to start.
one thing leads to another, i keep moving, and somehow my thoughts
get cleaned up along with my house.

and then i decided to concentrate on coming alive again.

and now, as i sit and look out the window,
i notice the grass turning green. i notice a little color in places there was no color.
i look a the sun warming everything up -
and i feel like i'm coming back alive right along with the plants outside.

and it feels so good.

and i love that i stepped up to bring myself back from the land of lethargic.
i love that.

so much of life is a process that i want to trust.
and so much of life is work and effort that i need to put forth.
learning what is what is an ongoing lesson,
one i hope to get better and better at.

for now tho, i'm just feelin' like a little tulip poppin' thru the earth again....
and smilin'......

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