Tuesday, March 17, 2015

not always right....

had a terrific conversation with my sons -
it started out talking about 'identities' -
those labels we put on ourselves and then feel defensive about if they get threatened.
can be anything - artist, writer, programmer, musician, wine connoisseur,
yoga expert, guru, teacher, survivor, feminist - anything.

that comes up a lot in my family as something to watch.
to pay attention to.

we all have them. and we need them.
they have a place.
but if we get too attached to them, jerk-like behavior tends to surface.
so being aware seems like a good thing.
so we talk about it here and there.

and all this led into the idea of admitting you're wrong, when you're wrong.
and how often that can a difficult thing.

one of my sons said he wants to pay attention every day to being wrong
and owning it when he is.

i love that.
and i wanna do this.

and i'm thinking it won't be too hard to find those opportunities for myself!

it's just another way to keep things in perspective -
to keep humility in the pot.
and it has an extra little twist to it.
and the twist adds a dimension that so matters -
it adds staying open and listening to others and not always having the answers.

i keep thinking all the answer having that i hear every time i turn around is really damaging stuff.

so i like this twist a lot.
a lot.

and i just love these sons of mine!

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