Thursday, March 12, 2015

an inner mentor

so i needed some advice.
some direction with my thoughts.
and as i was sitting alone in my house,
i decided to conjure up an old woman who might give me some.
so i imagined her,
and there she was.

and my gosh, she was a tremendous help.

it worked so well the first time,
i thought i would do it again the next day.

and so i did.

and once again, i felt like i got some great food for thought.

how cool is that?!

i think i'm onto something.
it's time i tapped into a whole world of imaginary friends!

i've been doing this for years with my inner child.
i visualize a younger part of me and chat with her,
connect with her,
that kinda thing.
it always feels good and helpful.

but to imagine a crone who could help me out -
well, this is new.

and i'm loving it.

it fits great with a belief i already have -
i sincerely believe that we all have a wise one (or 'ones') inside of us.
i believe that if we really listen to our inner voice,
we can be led by great wisdom.

this is just a really fun way to put a face onto it all.

need a mentor?
perhaps you're carrying one right around inside of you already!
could be fun to find out.


diane in ar said...

I love this - I agree, just as we have our inner child as a ready resource and companion, why NOT a wise old woman as well - I love this idea. . .sounds like something I need to check out and try. . .thanks ter. . .

ps - I'm pretty sure our old crones will be pretty cool dames!!!

terri st. cloud said...

grinnin' at ya, diane! thinkin' my ol' dame is passin' your ol' dame a cigar! lol!

diane in ar said...

smiling here too. . .

Anonymous said...

My inner crone is a bear.. wonder what that means? *wink*

Sherry said...

I remember a fb post about this or something...about turning to your inner crone and asking what would SHE do?

terri st. cloud said...

that's it, sherry! :)