Tuesday, March 24, 2015

checkin' in with our hearts

it's a long story.
of how the emotions twisted and turned,
how memories came up and photos caught moments
and my eyes watered with it all.

but here's at least one of the bottom lines i came up with from it all -

follow your heart.


follow your heart.

but oh, there was more today.

follow your heart totally and trust where it takes you.

and trust where it takes you.

that part.

i watched someone want something so badly,
she betrayed her heart.
maybe she got confused and thought she WAS following her heart
and needed to close part of her heart to go where she needed.
maybe she didn't realize she was betraying it.
but i think she figured that out after a bit.
it didn't work out in the end.

maybe everyone nods and figures that's a no brainer.
but seriously, how many of us have experienced this very thing?!

i know i have.

and today i keep thinking - it's about following your heart
in a way that you honor all of it. not just parts of it. but all of it.
and when we do that, it isn't always clear where that will take us
or if that will gain us what we think we need....
and that's where the trust part comes in.

trust where it takes you.

i'm thinking our check ins with our hearts can't happen enough.
i'm definitely checkin' in today.


diane in ar said...

checkin' in with mine as well - making sure it's on the right path - follow your heart and trust it - that's a little harder - that whole trust yourself thing - but, working on it. . .reaffirming confidence that my heart really does know what we're doing and where we need to go. . .thanks so much ter

Sherry said...

Ha! I always read your posts backwards.. This totally falls into line with what I was saying in my comment on the next blog. It's like we get confused. We think our heart wants something so badly, when sometimes it's not that at all. Reminds me of this idea I've come up with recently: We all know the analogy of our hearts being our compass in life. The trick is, in our emotional/spiritual life the compass/map thing works backwards. Like, in real life, we look at a map, see what direction we need to go, then turn to a compass to find out which way that direction is. And we keep checking the map and keeping that as the more important info. Where as in living, it's reversed. Our hearts are our compass and the maps are our minds. But we can't look at the mind first, we need to follow the direction our heart is leading, and then look at the map to figure out the logistics. The problem we run into is that our mind wants to be the more important. We're used to it being the problem solver, and so we forget that our heart will change direction suddenly and we need to follow it, even if that means we're not going to end up the same place on the map as we originaly set out to get to. I hope that's not too confusing!

terri st. cloud said...

sherry, you've been doin' some pretty awesome work, haven't you? these comments are not confusing. they're brilliant! thank you!

Sherry said...

Thanks, Terri, it's been an adventure. But what else to do when life kicks you into the middle of the ocean? Ha! Thank YOU for having such wonderful thoughts and sharing them. It's so great to be able to share back and forth with people on the loving and growing path. Really helps things clarify, gel, and take root!