Thursday, March 26, 2015

for the love of books......

i had a million things to do,
and then -
i went to pick up a book and put it away.

a good book.
this is really good.
there was something in here.....
i'll just take a peek.

a little flip of the page here.
a little flip of the page there...

reminded of another i had on my shelf that i hadn't seen in a long time,
i wandered over.
just a quick look...

and then i went to another book shelf.
why's this one over here?
i'd rather have it over there.

and then.......

i started looking, holding, moving and treasuring a whole buncha books.

what am i doing??? i thought.
i had so much to go work on.

but i couldn't tear myself away.

i felt like i was surrounded by some of my best buds ever.

finding a special spot for my favorites, i patted them, smiled, and headed back to work.

i thought of my dad as i sat back down.

he was about as non-materialistic as you get.
he had two luxuries in his life -
air conditioning and books.

thank goodness it was the air conditioning i rebelled against and not the books.
i can live without air conditioning for the rest of my life,
but please don't ever take my books!


diane in ar said...

from one book-aholic to another - I totally understand this. . .my dad was the same about books - maybe it's genetic. . .read on my friend, read on. . .with a book, you're never alone!!

Anonymous said...

My books, they sit on the floor, in boxes in closets , in the attic, there are piles of them in chairs, on tables, here, there, everywhere.
No rhyme, no reason, but each one a treasure. I have this amazon "wish list thingie" it's all books!~laughing~
I am with your pop, Books, more books and air conditioning. :)

Lady Di said...

Oh, how I cherish my books. Books lined up beside me in bed, reading before sleep, my good friends give me comfort. In my car, just in case I have some time waiting for someone or something, like a trafficjam. Books beside me on my sofa keeping me company while I enjoy my wonderful first cup of coffee in the morning. Actually books in every room of my house. If there ever be a fire, guess what I will rescue first?
I so much understand. I don't recall my parents ever sitting down and reading a book so I guess it's just who I am. DJ